The School of Health was created to support the promotion of health as a fundamental asset of the individual and society through the study and dissemination of current health themes through:

  1. teaching
  2. technological innovation
  3. communication
  4. internationalization
  5. sustainability

The School aims to develop and disseminate the scientific knowledge, skills, and professional experience currently required for health promotion.

Training and advanced training courses, masterclasses, and professional masters courses, progressively enriched by the most recent and innovative products of experimental and applied research, are the main tools available to increase professional skills in the sector. Knowledge supported by scientific evidence will be disseminated through webinars aimed not only at sector specialists, experts, policy makers, and professionals, but also at citizens, thus targeting all components of the virtuous cycle able to advance the health culture of the individual and population.

Technological innovation in health is the main fundamental subject of the School's activities

The fourth industrial revolution is profoundly affecting our society in many ways, especially in the medical field and in healthcare organization. Analytical data unanimously predict that in the next five years, technological innovation will profoundly change healthcare systems.

Unitelma must follow healthcare innovation with great attention and with well-defined programs that include different areas of information technology. With this in mind, a structure referred to as the Digital Health Observatory was designed to outline activities, training, and information in the digital health sector.

The technical scientific committee, composed of experts with interest and experience in the digital health sector, will examine and approve the proposals received and formulate and propose the annual activity program of the Digital School.

The contents of digital health, implemented with an ad hoc didactic model (webinars, courses, and forums) will be offered to students of the master's degree program in medicine and of degree programs in the health professions as electives (ADE).

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