The activity of the School will be implemented through:

  • the design, organization, and implementation of training courses aimed at students and professionals specialized in the various sectors of interest, also in partnership with national and international public and private entities;
  • Advanced training and research aimed at public institutions and companies;
  • Participation in calls for training, research, and consulting projects, also in partnership with public and private national and international entities;
  • the organization and implementation of conferences, seminars, and events aimed at furthering topics of interest for the School and disseminating its initiatives;
  • the production of reports, policy papers, and brief notes;
  • the publication of series, volumes, journals, and other forms of knowledge transfer, also in collaboration with national and international publishers;
  • monitoring the main indicators useful for creating databases in research and advanced training areas of interest;
  • the activation of internal sections specialized in the various topics of interest;
  • assistance and consultancy services for public and private companies and local, national, and international institutions, in collaboration with the departments of Unitelma and Sapienza and with other universities and public and private national and international institutions;
  • Training courses and educational initiatives in the original language as part of international cooperation programs and projects.

Last modified: Tuesday, 2 August 2022, 10:57 AM